How fast-track home repossessions aim to solve issue of ‘deadbeat dads’

How fast-track home repossessions aim to solve issue of ‘deadbeat dads’

An organisation that helps people in mortgage arrears is to seek rapid home repossessions in the courts to help keep single parents and children in their homes.

The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation has spent the past decade trying to slow down and discourage courts granting repossession orders to banks and vulture funds.

Now it is to seek to fast-track repossessions in cases where women and children have been abandoned by ‘deadbeat dads’ who refuse to sign off on debt deals with the banks for their abandoned partners and children.

Banks and other lenders need the consent of both parties even in cases where couples are separated.


David Hall of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation said hundreds of mothers were stranded in mortgage arrears after husbands left them, stopped paying the mortgage, and then refused to engage with the lender.

He said the only solution for these distressed borrowers was to encourage the courts and the banks to fast-track the repossession of the property and then put in place a mortgage-to-rent deal.

Courts do not need the consent of either party to a joint mortgage if they decide to grant a repossession order.

Mr Hall will use his iCare Housing organisation, a not-for-profit body, to buy the homes.

“We are doing this because the reality is we see no other way to do it,” he said.

“Normally the husband has to fill out a standard financial statement and sign a surrender form to put in place a mortgage-to-rent deal. He won’t do this if he has abandoned the wife and kids, so we will be seeking to have the house repossessed to take him out of the picture.”

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