Mortgage To Rent Process Has 16 Steps

Initial MTR Steps

Step 1
You are offered MTR as an option by your lender, you receive an information pack from them. Read this pack carefully and return to your lender in a timely manner if looking to participate in the scheme.
Step 2
For you to participate in the MTR scheme, you must provide consent to your lender to share your information with the Housing Agency and their agents such as valuers and the Approved Housing Bodies.
Step 3
It is important that you make an application to your Local Authority for Social Housing Support (SHS). Information on this is contained within the information pack provided to you by your lender.
Step 4
When you receive confirmation from your Local Authority that your SHS application has been successful you need to contact your lender and provide them with your SHS confirmation number. This confirmation will allow your lender to progress your MTR application with the Housing Agency.
Step 5
Your Lender submits your MTR application to the Housing Agency, along with your consent to share data and your completed property questionnaire.
Step 6
The Housing Agency will instruct a valuer to complete a valuation of your home which will be shared with the Approved Housing Bodies and your lender.
Step 7
The Housing Agency on receipt of your completed valuation will seek expressions of interest from Approved Housing Bodies.
Step 8
The successful Approved Housing Body (AHB) will be in touch with you.

iCare Housing's MTR Steps

Step 9
iCare will contact you and seek your approval to organise a property survey.
Step 10
On your consent iCare's surveyor will be in touch with you to organise a day and time to complete the survey.
Step 11
The completed survey will be reviewed by iCare. If additional surveys are required, iCare will be in contact with you to arrange these.
Step 12
When all surveys have been completed and repair costs have been agreed with the Housing Agency, iCare will make an offer to your lender.
Step 13
If your lender accepts the offer made by iCare, they will issue you an offer pack. You will be required to seek legal advice and will need to give your approval by signing and returning all relevant documents to your lender.
Step 14
iCare will also issue documents to you at this time requiring your attention. These documents will need to be returned completed to iCare to allow the process to continue.
Step 15
You will meet with your solicitor, review the documents received from your lender and iCare. You will need to sign documents which are witnessed by your solicitor. Your lender pays a contribution towards the cost of your legal advice, details of this are available in the offer pack issued by your lender.
Step 16
Once you return the required signed documents to your lender. Your lender will instruct their solicitor to issue contracts for sale to iCare Housing.


There is a possibility that your Lender may decline iCare’s offer. The reasons vary such as ‘offer too low’, ‘discount or reduction needed’, ‘change in borrowers’ financial circumstance’. If this is the case your Lender will be in touch to let you know that the offer has been declined and they will also go through the alternative options that are available to you.

You should also note that not all lenders will fund outstanding LPT, NPPR or Management Company fees. All of these charges need to be fully cleared prior to completing MTR sale process. You will need to discuss with your lender as soon as possible.

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