The iCare Solution

iCare Housing is an Approved Housing Body that has been set up specifically to help people in mortgage arrears to remain in their family homes.

If you have previously been put forward for Mortgage to Rent and it did not progress you may still be eligible for the iCare Solution.


If we purchase your home and enter into a tenancy agreement with you, we will agree in advance a price that you can buy the house back from us at any time during the tenancy agreement. The price we sell back to you is very simple – it’s the price we bought the house for.


We have agreed with AIB/EBS/Haven successful MTR case will include writing off any residual mortgage debt owed. Through the IMHO we will help you become debt free as part of the process.


Icare is an Approved Housing Body set up specifically for Mortgage to Rent. We are not involved in any other housing activity so you can be sure that we are organised and able to process all applications quickly and efficiently.

Contact Details

1800 233 244

4th Floor, Ocean House, Arran Quay, Dublin 7, Ireland